About Us
Professional videoscope manufacturer
Shanghai E-Vision Optoelectronic is a hyper focused company with an expertise in the research and development and production of high-definition videoscopes, industrial videoscopes, police videoscopes, and custom videoscopes. Intelligent, high definition machine vision research is our specialty and we focus on providing customers with a full range of products that can help you with inspecting hard to reach crevices for industrial, law enforcement, and many other applications.
Design and development

The core technical team of E-Vision has been engaged in the design and production of industrial videoscopes since 2012. Through hands on testing and thorough technological research, we have developed videoscopes packed with cutting-edge features. We offer a complete set of videoscope solutions, including chip-module-miniature lens-back-end digital coding and decoding-HDMI screen-WiFi wireless image transmission.
Our videoscopes feature the following core technologies:
(1)Micro CMOS camera chip and back-end image processing system to solve digital image attenuation issues.
(2)Ultra-fine videoscope mechanism components and control system
(3)1080P ultra-micro videoscope system
(4)940nm infrared/5600K white light dual source detection system
(5)6.0mm and 4.0mm integrated direct & side view dual camera system
(6)360° silent digital motor drive system